For a small business built around giving round-trips in Cessna planes we were asked to develop a brand and a simple but effective website to sell their service.
The inspiration from the branding comes from the proposition that a private roundtrip in a plane is a very awesome and luxurious purchase. I looked at vintage airline advertising to get a good feel of how to sell a brand like this and noticed that a lot of the advertising was focussed on service and selling the plane itself, as opposed to the destination.
Since this brand is not selling a destination, but an experience, the vintage ads were a great starting point. The typography in those ads is clear and distinct. The colors have a great feel and the drawings are reminiscent of those old school sci-fi illustration books (you know the ones, describing life in the futuristic world of 2001). Furthermore, the copy uses a lot of positive adjectives and reminds people of the adventure awaiting them.
After doing some research among competitors, it became obvious that the competition mainly focusses on selling as many aviation adventures as possible (Planes! Choppers! Lessons! Balloons!). Unique Perspective is different: they're experts. They do round-trips in Cessna's, and they do it good.
 The purpose of the website is really simple: Sell the product. We figured the best way to do that was to focus on two parts:
1) People need to know that a private round trip is awesome
2) People should know how easy it is to get airborn
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